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Revit Family Creation Services

Revit Family Creation Services

Fostering Well Build Custom Revit Families Library

Since the inception of BIM technology in the industry, the AEC sector has undergone a drastic boom due to many of its benefits. On the contrary, BIM technology uses an advanced model-based approach. With the rapidly growing popularity of BIM services in the construction industry, Revit family services is a groundbreaking technology and technique in BIM modeling. This tool quickly became popular for BIM services and was utilized in a variety of projects supporting structures and mechanical, electrical systems, and plumbing systems. Today, family creation in Revit is a strong marketing tool, allowing designers to showcase items, objects or infrastructure in 3D format. This helps in 3D visualization with extensive presentation capabilities for the project.

Creating BIM models necessitates the use of a vast volume of families, such as walls, doors, windows, staircases, kitchen elements, and several other types. The BIM family creation services mostly have common elements that can be used in models. There are various types of Revit families services, and they can be created in particular with detailed specifications, including parameters such as size and material. Moreover, these families can be shared and reused for multiple projects, increasing efficiency and productivity and saving time. Walls, roofs, beams, lighting fixtures, mechanical components and other detailed components can all be created using Revit for enhancing the BIM model.

UniquesCADD accurately creates and offers ready-to-use Revit families. Our expertise lies in creating BIM family creation services. Moreover, with the help of our experienced workforce, we provide standard and customized Revit family outsourcing services for architectural and structural building components, ensuring high-quality output.

Array of Revit Families Services Offered by UniquesCADD

With the introduction of Revit family creation and custom Revit families , it has become easier for architects and designers to comprehend 3D objects in the BIM model. Our Revit family creation services have proven advantageous for designers, engineers, and other professionals, allowing them to speed up the construction project’s planning, designing, scheduling, and budgeting. However, there are various types of BIM family creation services in the AEC industry. We offer the following;

  • System Families:

    System families are usually defined as existing components in the Revit, such as floors, walls, pipes, etc. These predefined elements in the software cannot be altered separately. However, it can be edited into a particular dimension or size when installed in a specific project.

  • Loadable Families:

    In the Revit family creation, loadable families are defined as installed components such as furniture, faucets, or fixtures that must be purchased before utilization. UniquesCADD team can adjust these components in the 3D model according to the geometry.

  • In-Place Elements:

    In-place elements are defined as elements or components that are customized or created by experts according to the client’s specific requirements. These elements can be reused in the models.

Array of Revit Families Offered by UniquesCADD

Perks to Avail by Revit Family Creation Services

In the AEC sector, Revit family creation has become a popular equivalent to BIM technology, representing some aspects of the construction project in 3D format. Apart from that, it offers multiple benefits, which has become a reason for its growth.

  • Higher Profitability

  • 3D Visualization of Objects/Materials/ Elements

  • Defined Cost Budget

  • Enhanced Collaboration and Communication between AEC professionals

  • Time Efficient

  • Enhanced Refurbishment/Renovation Projects

  • Customizing is available according to the Project

Creating a Detailed Model Library that Comprehends the Project

Revit Family Outsourcing Services with UniquesCADD

UniquesCADD has a strong hold on custom Revit family creation services, delivering multiple projects for architects, engineers, and designers to excel in the pre-construction stage of the project. Our experienced BIM experts can create and accommodate the BIM family creation services per the client’s requirements while maintaining accuracy. Outsourcing these services to experts can be a wise choice as well as brings beneficial end results. Revit family outsourcing services offers the following benefits;

  • Built to Specifications

  • Quick Turnaround Time

  • Model Resizing

  • Easy Share to Designers

  • Precision on Specified LOD levels

  • Improved and Reusable Library

  • Minimize the Design Time

Outsourcing Revit Family Creation Services with UniquesCADD

Our Expertise

UniquesCADD specializes in offering family creation in Revit. Our Experienced team of architects and BIM modelers provide the project with precision, high quality, and within the desired timeline. We offer services for the following sectors.

Commercial Building
Commercial Building
Educational Institutes
Educational Institutes
Residential Building
Residential Building
Hospitals and other service facilities
Hospitals and other service facilities
Historical Buildings
Historical Buildings

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