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Scan-to-BIM services have taken a boom in the AEC industry by minimizing the scope of errors, especially when renovating or refurbishing old structures, with numerous benefits, including accurate Modeling, coordination, and more. Scan to BIM is now widely adopted in the AEC industry, ensuring accuracy and improvising efficiency, achieving great results. Scan to BIM modeling is referred to as capturing a defined space with a 3D laser scanner to generate information. The collected information or data is then processed in BIM software to create an accurate 3D model, representing the actual visualization of the space scanned. Laser scan to BIM services helps in project completion at a quicker pace with effective results. However, scan-to-BIM services are also applied to various construction projects, including design planning, evaluation, or renovation of an old site. As the AEC industry grows, so does the demand for scan-to-bim service.
UniquesCADD is an expert in providing Scan to BIM modeling services by a team of trained professionals. We constantly exceed our client expectations, making us the best outsourcing Scan to BIM service providers in Paris, Netherlands, Germany & the USA.

Our Wide Range of Scan to BIM Services

UniquesCADD offers a wide range of BIM Modeling services that includes 3D, 4D, 5D BIM services and Scan to BIM services. We ensure the quality, accuracy and timely deliverability according to your satisfaction.
Our Scan to BIM services are offered and delivered with expertise from highly skilled professionals. Our point cloud to BIM services models with LOD 100 to 500 as per the project complexity and need. The following services can be processed during different projects of construction per the requirement.

  • 3D Model from Laser – Scan Raw Data
  • 3D BIM Model in Revit
  • BIM Modelling using Point Cloud Data
  • Information Extraction from the BIM Model
Wide Range of Scan to BIM Services
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Outsourcing Point Cloud to BIM Services Perks

Point Cloud to BIM services are used to generate a digital visual representation of the building. The details are thoroughly captured to create an accurate 3D BIM model. It improves efficiency, communication, coordination and minimizes the scope of possible errors. Moreover, it allows architects, engineers, and other collaborators to work efficiently for renovation, refurbishment, or reconstruction projects. Following are some perks of scan-to-bim services.

  • Laser scan to BIM services increases efficiency and delivers great outcomes.
  • Scan to BIM offers safe, quick, and time-efficient outcomes.
  • It creates accurate 2D documentation and 3D Modeling.
  • Scan to BIM identifies the possible clash detection.
  • Point Cloud to BIM can identify the possible risks like hazardous materials, mold or any other risk factors.
  • Conveniently sharing information and other relevant data between the collaborators.
  • Point Cloud to Revit improvise the overall sustainability of the building.
  • Point cloud to BIM improves coordination and communication in the entire process.
  • Streamlined productivity of the architects and engineers.
  • Scan to BIM modeling reduces rework and minimizes the scope of errors.
  • Increased project profitability with cost reduction.
  • Improvised design plans for better and more accurate results.

UniquesCADD Work Approach for Scan to BIM Modeling

With our skilled team of professionals, Scan to BIM services are followed by precise steps for better, faster, and more accurate results.

Refinement Process
Refinement Process
Once the data is collected through laser scan to BIM, the data is further processed, refined and registered in softwares like Autodesk ReCap Pro. After the process, the coordinates and the color points of the area scanned are collected. However, it is vital to cross the point cloud file to avoid any scope of error.
Information Collection
Information Collection
One of the vital steps is to thoroughly collect the information that may include geometry or any other information. Usually ClearEdge3D EdgeWise software is used to extract the data as it can automatically identify different elements of the scanned space.
Scan To BIM
Scan To BIM
The focal step in the entire process is converting the scanned space into an accurate BIM model. The information extracted from point cloud file, the data is transferred to BIM softwares like Autodesk Revit. The software helps in generating an accurate BIM model as per the requirements.
Quality Check
Quality Check
Once the point cloud to BIM model is created, it is vital to verify the generated model in software. The engineer ensure that data, dimensions or other geometrical parameters are included in the generated point cloud to BIM model.

Our Expertise

UniquesCADD is an expert in providing Scan to BIM services by a highly skilled team of professionals and updated software. We have expertise in:

Commercial Building
Commercial Building
Educational Institutes
Educational Institutes
Historical Buildings
Historical Buildings
Residential Buildings
Residential Buildings
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