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Elevating Accurate MEP Modeling Services

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection are the heart of any construction. It is one of the core stages of the construction process as maintaining and protecting the building. MEP coordination requires the utmost accuracy and attention to the smallest detail to ensure the safety and protection of the building. MEP drawings are often messy and complicated, which can lead to a lack of understanding, resulting in errors from engineers. In the AEC industry, constructing a strong and accurate infra isn’t enough. The constructed building also requires cross ventilation, better electrical lines, water supply, protection from fire, plumbing, lighting, and heating. Everything inside the building that makes us feel warm and comfortable comes from MEP coordination.

MEP BIM services ensure that the building is well protected from the potential risk from the environment or any other external factors that may lead to disturbance in the building. Moreover, MEP drafting services are vital for Planning, decision-making, performance and cost estimation, and operating and maintaining the infrastructure. In short, MEP coordination turns an empty room into a livable, comfortable space with desired air ventilation, heating systems, electrical piping, and much more. While MEP is the heart of any infrastructure, MEP BIM services ensure that the MEP drawings are accurately converted into MEPF models that facilitate design, detailed drawings, and fabrication.

UniquesCADD offers extensive and accurate MEP modeling services with precision and technical expertise. Our engineers, with extensive domain expertise, create an accurate MEP BIM model that validates the building’s performance, maintenance, and constructability. As a service provider, we constantly exceed our client’s expectations, making us India’s best outsourcing MEP Modeling services provider.

Our Comprehensive Range of MEP Services

UniquesCADD offers extensive MEP BIM service by a team of experts, ensuring the curated model is an accurate, data-rich model that will help the engineers coordinate and communicate through the entire construction process to optimize energy efficiency and ensure the facility’s safety.

MEP BIM Modeling Services

Our team of experts provides 3D MEP modeling services with HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection with a high level of detailing in 3D models depicting MEP aspects like lighting, drainage, electrical piping, and more.

MEP BIM Coordination Services

With our experts and the latest use of software like Revit and Navisworks, the team ensures clash detection, allowing architects and engineers to save time and money during construction.


MEP Shop Drawing Services

The MEP shop drawings include layouts of sections and elevations in detail that are used for the on-site installation of MEP components.

MEP Clash Detection Services

MEP installations can be complicated and can lead to errors while constructing the facility. Our skilled team ensures and identifies potential clashes between electrical, plumbing, or mechanical components for MEP coordination.

MEP Drafting Services

MEP drawings help to overcome the complex construction challenges in the design stage, enabling an effective and enhanced collaboration between AEC professionals. Our experienced workforce ensures to deliver the MEP drafting with precision and quick turnaround time.

MEP Revit Family Creation

UniquesCADD skilled team provide an extensive MEP Revit Family creation range that validates the project model and increases the productivity along with the speed.

MEPF Drafting and family
Accurate and Quality Assured MEP Services

Outsourcing MEP Coordination Services with UniquesCADD

The construction process is time-consuming, and MEP coordination is an important stage for planning the whole construction process. Outsourcing MEP BIM modeling services requires expertise, knowledge, and advanced tools and software to accurately curate the 3D model for architects and engineers to ease out the construction process.

Outsourcing with UniquesCADD can offer you numerous benefits, including:

  • Access industrial knowledge and expertise from a team of professionals, handling complexities of projects
  • Time-saving as experts can take care of MEP coordination
  • Cost Effective solutions
  • Identify the potential risk in the building and clash detection
  • Optimize the renewable source of energy efficiently and increase the safety of the facility with advanced tools and technology in MEP BIM modeling design
  • Reduced rework and delays in the construction process
  • Enhanced productivity and focus on the core competencies of the business while UniquesCADD skilled team take care of the MEP coordination and BIM modeling

Our Expertise

UniquesCADD is proficient in providing accurate and quality-assured MEP coordination services within a quick turnaround time from a team of professionals and using advanced software for reliable outcomes. We provide MEP BIM services for the following:

Commercial Building
Commercial Building
Educational Institutes
Educational Institutes
Residential Building
Residential Building
Hospitals and other service facilities
Hospitals and other service facilities
Historical buildings
Historical buildings
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