PDF to BIM Conversion in Commercial and Residential Units


  • PDF to BIM

Location: Rotterdam

Construction Stage: Existing

Type of Building: Commercial and residential

We Did: We created the BIM model which can used in many different ways to sustain the structure and building planning.

Project information: To begin the process of exploiting BIM model for the maintenance of a building facility, it supports the use of such information as a space parameters and created area colour scheme. This enables the functions to create floor plans as per the colour codes along with the area management. Space management is the core part of building structure.

Project Objectives: As per the NL standards, the BIM model helps us to show every parameter of an architectural element which help us to calculate the areas and appropriate spaces in it.
Every single architectural and non-architectural entity in the model shows the standard function and usage of spaces which helps in many different ways to maintain the building structure.

Category: Commercial