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Location: France

Construction Stage: New

Type of Building: Residential

We Did: We create the 3D BIM model in Revit with all the scanned details.

Project information: The accurate BIM model is created from the 3D laser scan data with scan to BIM process to improve the demand for quality assurance and reliability.
For better accuracy and to maintain the overall project quality, 3D laser scanners are used instead of traditional hand measurement methods.In the point cloud file, we can get all the exterior and interior site details as well.

Project Objectives: In the Scan to BIM process, a laser scanner is used to capture an accurate 3D scan of the physical building, structure, or site, which is used to create and maintain the BIM model.
First, the scan data is imported into the Revit to create the 3D model as well as the drawing outputs like 2D Plans, Sectional details and Façade drawings including the topography details.

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