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Improvising Collaboration with CAD to BIM Conversion Services

CAD drawings- Computer Aided Designs are widely popular in the AEC industry. CAD has improvised the whole construction process, ensuring effective communication between the collaborators and maintaining a smooth workflow through the entire construction process with technical information as the construction progresses. In spite of easing the flow, CAD drawings need to include some of the aspects that can directly impact the construction. To bring an effective solution, BIM services were introduced to enhance the visualization and reduce the scope of errors in the process. BIM services offer a complete digital representation of how the construction will look after completion. On that note, it becomes easier for different parties involved to share the data.

Hence, CAD to BIM services improve collaboration and enhance the construction visualization digitally.

Spectrum of Outsourcing CAD to BIM Services Includes

UniquesCADD offers a wide range of CAD to BIM conversion services under a single roof with expertise from a highly skilled team of professionals. The following services can be entailed during the different design and construction stages for better results.

CAD to BIM services
CAD to BIM services
As experts, CAD to BIM services include converting 2D or 3D CAD drawings into detailed 3D BIM models using advanced tools and software.
PDF to BIM Conversion services
PDF to BIM Conversion services
Conversion of PDF drawings documents into accurate BIM models for enhanced visualization.
Hand Sketch to BIM Modeling
Hand Sketch to BIM Modeling
As the name suggests, a hand-drawn sketch of the project can be converted into a detailed and accurate 3D BIM model in Revit.
2D CAD/3D CAD to Revit
2D CAD/3D CAD to Revit
Conversion from CAD to Revit provides accurate and quality data that enhances the coordination with much more detail, making it easier to streamline the work.
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Outsourcing CAD to BIM Perks

As the AEC industry has gradually evolved, adapting to constant innovation and tech tools helps to create an easy construction process digitally to have desirable outcomes. CAD to BIM conversion services help architects, engineers, and designers to visually represent the building, which allows them to edit and enhance the designs.

Outsourcing CAD to BIM conversion services carries a great deal of advantages; here are some:
  • CAD to BIM conversion services offer increased efficiency with detailed and accurate design plans.
  • It offers enhanced visualization with detailed information as per the LOD required by the client.
  • CAD to BIM services enhance the communication and collaboration among all the stakeholders, engineers, and architects.
  • Reduces the scope of errors and delivers accurate results after the construction is completed.
  • Saves time, effort, and cost in the entire construction process. Precise information provided through digital representation reduces the chances of project delays and cost overruns for the construction.
  • CAD to BIM conversion provides a single platform for sharing the data, minimizing miscommunication, and enhancing the workflow.

Our Work Approach

With our skilled team, CAD to BIM conversion services are followed by precise steps for accurate outcomes.

Step 1

Analyze the CAD files and the project requirements. Identify the scope, level of detail, and standards for the BIM model. Communicate with the client and clarify any doubts or issues.

Step 2

Convert the CAD files into Revit or other BIM software format. Import the 2D drawings and use them as references to create 3D elements.

Step 3

Model the architectural, structural, and MEP components of the building. Follow the BIM standards and best practices for naming, grouping, and parameterizing the elements.

Step 4

Validate and verify the BIM model. Check for errors, clashes, inconsistencies, and missing information.

Step 5

Export the BIM model and deliver it to the client. Provide documentation and support for the model usage and maintenance. Ensure that the model meets the client’s expectations and requirements.

Our Expertise

With a highly specialized and skilled team, UniquesCADD expertise can fulfill your requirements efficiently with updated software and tools. Our expertise lies in

Commercial Building
Commercial Building
Educational Institutes
Educational Institutes
Historical Buildings
Historical Buildings
Residential Buildings
Residential Buildings
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