BIM Outsourcing for Building Engineering and Architectural Consultants

BIM Outsourcing for Building Engineering and Architectural Consultants

In the current scenario of the architecture and construction field, efficiency and accuracy are the pillars of any project, regardless of size and type. The AEC realm constantly battles with the complexities of the construction projects and constraints of time and budget. Along with that, the outcome of the project should be comprehended with pre-designs. Many architecture firms continue to deal with the ever-evolving landscape of the AEC industry and its technological advancements. However, BIM has become a groundbreaking innovation since its inception, giving a new curve to the AEC industry.

In addition, the introduction to building information modeling has entirely altered the working approach to how every construction project is perceived and executed. In fact, BIM services are now a go-to tool. Its border concept has also introduced various other services, which have contributed to the growth of architecture and construction services.

Everyone in the sector is familiar with BIM technology, including its concept, purpose, benefits, and procedure. However, what needs to be added needs to be more of an understanding of whether to outsource or have a team. This is the longest debate, as both categories have their own set of benefits and limitations. Although many AEC organizations and associations believe that outsourcing BIM services is a convenient and profitable option as it can provide effective results. Additionally, architectural consultants need help with an in-house approach. Hence, this is when BIM outsourcing services play an important role for building engineering and architectural consultants.

Outsourcing offers various benefits, including an easy process that allows associations to focus on other core competencies. On the other hand, an in-house team demands significant capital investment and employee training. As we all know, construction and architecture require quick processes with efficiency and accuracy. Let’s explore outsourcing BIM services in detail and share the challenges of the in-house BIM team.

Challenges Faced by Architectural Consultants and Engineers

3D BIM modeling services are indispensable in the modern age of the AEC sector. It enhances the complex coordination, process, and communication while optimizing the design projects. However, having an in-house BIM team or outsourcing BIM services has always been a topic of the table where each side has its perspective. As a result, outsourcing has been delivering way more effective results and benefits to consultants and engineers. The following are some of the challenges faced by the in-house team of BIM modelers.

  • A large number of capital investments
  • Hindrance in keeping up with the technological updates
  • Inability to complete within the scope of the timeline
  • Hiring and retention of skilled BIM resource
  • Training- Software- BIM Hardware expense
  • Infrastructure scalability
  • Fluctuating business requirements
  • Lack of high-quality deliverables
  • The sheer amount of work pressure
  • Stress-Less productivity-Erroneous results

As an architecture consultant and engineer, I always need more time to deal with such challenges in house teams. As a matter of fact, the amount of expense and investment in the firm cannot result in high ROI. Therefore, for such a large and crucial sector, having an in-house team can only benefit small-scale organizations. On the other hand, challenges came into existence for outsourcing BIM the following:

  • Disbelief of data security
  • Search for desirable outsourcing partner
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of project oversees

Those mentioned above are the challenges of outsourcing; however, house vs. outsourcing was a topic of long debate and grabbed public attention when outsourcing was a fresh and new concept in the market. Moreover, BIM services require intricate attention, keen eyes for detail, and accuracy, which can enhance the project in various aspects. Furthermore, with the inception of BIM modeling services, architects and engineers look for skilled and talented resources to ensure accurate construction project delivery. Not only this, but BIM also enhances the profitability and efficiency of projects.

Considering this, the global BIM market size was valued at USD 7.9 billion in 2023 and is projected to reach USD 15.0 billion by 2028 with a CAGR of 13.7%. With a large market size of buildings, information modeling is considered the most evident step toward achieving a sustainable future in the AEC industry. Hence, having a large market size and various benefits, BIM outsourcing services can provide a seamless and comprehensive solution to in-house team challenges and offer multiple benefits that can enhance the overall project and initiate success and growth.

BIM Outsourcing Benefits to Engineers and Architects

As briefly discussed about the marvelous advantage of BIM and its sheer importance in today’s modern architecture society, it is important to understand the outsourcing concept as well. BIM outsourcing has become popular and has been adopted by various architecture firms that have other sets of responsibilities and operations to streamline. As a matter of fact, outsourcing partners also offer a wide range of services to cater to specific requirements and demands of the project while maintaining accuracy with the use of cutting-edge technologies and software. In addition, the outsourcing firm is keenly updated with industry standards, trends, demands, and the latest upgrades in the market that can be beneficial in the AEC profession.

When outsourcing with reliable firms, consultants and engineers can demand a BIM level of detail in the project, as BIM is a valuable tool for quantity take-offs. Moreover, it is a considerable fact that hiring an outsourcing BIM team is highly skilled and can significantly make a difference in enhancing the construction project. UniquesCADD is one such BIM outsourcing service provider with international clientele, dealing with highly complex BIM projects with sheer deliverables within the timeline. With global clientele and familiarity with international market standards, UniquesCADD offers a range of services such as:

  • 3d BIM services
  • 4d BIM services
  • 5d BIM services
  • point cloud to BIM
  • BIM coordination services
  • BIM clash detection
  • BIM content creation
  • quantity take-off services

With a broad spectrum of services by an outsourcing firm, outsourcing BIM services by a firm offers a great deal of benefits and a cost-effective range. Following are:

BIM Outsourcing Benefits to Engineers and Architects

An ever-growing list of BIM outsourcing benefits highlights the scope of a win-win situation between the two parties. With an in-house team, associations and firms stay within the bounds of their quality. Hence, outsourcing becomes a spotlight solution that can efficiently provide BIM projects with utmost accuracy and intricate detailing.

In the End

The in-house team and the outsourcing BIM team have many differences that offer different results. Although both are correct depending upon the current situation, market, and demands, outsourcing BIM services providers comparatively offer more benefits and effective end results than the in-house team. Hence, it is considered a wiser choice.

Outsource BIM Services for Seamless Construction Projects

Maulik Patel