A Comprehensive Guide to Outsource BIM Services

A Comprehensive Guide to Outsource BIM Services

“BIM Unifies the language of Building Design.”

In the technological-driven scenario, every sector is looking for novel ways to stay competitive and innovative in the market. Today, with the advanced use of technology, sectors have evolved gradually and adopted new working methods. In this fierce race, the architectural and construction industry is ahead by discarding traditional architectural procedures. For the AEC industry, the sheer credit of reshaping the industry is aligned with the introduction to building information modeling in the 70s. However, it was in the early 2000s when BIM technology was perceived as on a positive note. In this today’s growing economy, BIM is no longer an alien concept and has emerged as a paramount of success for the architectural and construction industry.

Since the implementation and rapid use of BIM services, the global market of BIM has seen an exponential hike, and according to Mordor Intelligences report, the market size is estimated at USD 8.72 billion in 2024 with expected reach of USD 16.72 billion by 2029 and growing at a CAGR of 13.09% in 2024-2029. As a matter of fact, BIM services are widely accepted and have become the need of the hour as it serve a smoother and streamlined construction workflow. Additionally, BIM creates a collaborative process between architects, engineers, and other collaborators, which helps in accurately planning, designing, and executing the entire construction process with a 3D model.

As a well-known technology, the global adoption of BIM has seen a rapid course of action in several countries. Out of which, many countries have made BIM modeling services a mandatory practice. The US is one of the first countries to adopt this innovative technology. With evolving awareness, BIM services in India have recognized its implementation advantages and quickly caught up with the industrial trend. With the rise in technological advancement, BIM paves the path to modern architecture and enhances the construction process with detailed accuracy and ease of execution among AEC professionals. However, let’s quickly understand what BIM is and how it impacts the entire AEC industry.

What is BIM Technology and Why to Outsource?

As the construction sector has grown rapidly, BIM technology has altered the reality of the architecture industry. With the rise of BIM services globally, it has become easier to collaborate with AEC professionals, enhanced communication, and more accurate construction management. On that note, building information modeling is defined as a digital technology that provides a 3D representation of the infrastructure with all the characteristics of the building. The facility’s 3D model allows AEC professionals to enhance communication and collaboration seamlessly.

Having an accurate 3D model of the facility before the groundwork begins solves the potential risk and errors that result in minimized cost, improves accuracy & enhances the decision-making process between architects and engineers. To be honest, BIM modeling services are the bright future of the AEC industry with their adaptive, easy, and accurate model.

In the traditional working method, it took a lot of work to create the model of infrastructure and identify the errors before the construction work began. Moreover, it was a time-consuming and labor-intensive task which required specialized skills and an intricate level of precision to draw sketches. However, with the introduction of BIM modeling services, the various stages of projects have been simplified and offer a long list of benefits. The following are some;

  • Accuracy in Cost Estimation
  • Completion of the Project with the Timeline
  • Reduce the Expense
  • Enhance Communication and Collaboration
  • Improves Safety on Construction Site
  • Accurate Project Visualization
  • Identify Potential Risk
  • Improved Project Management
  • Provides Sustainable Design
  • High-Quality Results

With a never-ending list of benefits, building information modeling has brought a closer look into the construction process and made the complex process more manageable. As a matter of fact, BIM technology has a great extent of abilities to reshape the future of the AEC industry with more emerging technologies and methods.

Today, in the modern architecture era, it has become an all-time resource for architects to execute projects accurately without any possible errors in the design stage. It plays a pivotal role in the AEC industry, although it requires specialized skills and expertise to execute the BIM services extensively. Over the last few years, outsource BIM services has been a marvelous and cost-effective option. Outsourcing firms have skilled manpower and relevant experience to take up a construction project at a cost-effective range. As a matter of fact, 45% of general contracting firms have outsourced BIM technology, resulting in higher ROI and better end results for the projects. Moreover, outsourcing 3D BIM modeling services will save ample amounts of time, rework, and cost. Considering outsourcing for BIM services can result in the following benefits;

  • Quality Output
  • Timely Delivery
  • Customization as per Project
  • Experienced Manpower
  • Focus on Core Business Activities

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Key Considerations to Choose BIM Outsourcing Partner

Managing BIM services in-house can become a significant challenge to any firm. It will cost a lot due to setting up the entire BIM department with software, technologies, experts, and much more. This will result in chances of errors, delays in projects, inaccuracies, and more. Hence, outsourcing to a BIM services provider is a comparably better and reasonable option. Following are the key aspects of outsourcing BIM service partners.

Key Considerations to Choose BIM Outsourcing Partner

  • Check for Experience: Outsourcing BIM services partners should have decent experience accurately comprehending the different types of projects.
  • Quality Control and Assurance: Quality assurance and control are important to check for, as BIM service providers must have guaranteed quality checks and assurance protocols.
  • Technology and Software: Outsourcing BIM partners should have licensed and updated software and technology to execute the project accurately.
  • Team Expertise: Outsourcing BIM partner team should carry relevant expertise and proficiency in BIM software in the same field and can make a difference in the success of a project.

In the End

BIM technology is a cornerstone of the AEC industry as it serves accurate results in the construction process. Moreover, outsourcing BIM services can offer more benefits to the construction project with enhanced levels of accuracy, communication, collaboration, and process efficiency. In today’s era, BIM implementation has become paramount to success in the modern architecture field. Moreover, it will flourish more in the coming years due to the rise in digitalization.

Outsource BIM Services to Increase Potential of your Next Project

Maulik Patel