How Our BIM Services Can Increase Profitability & Efficiency in Your Projects

How Our BIM Services Can Increase Profitability & Efficiency in Your Projects

“Don’t Just Build, Envision It With BIM Services”

Digitalization has taken over the world with its easy and convenient features of creating a presence digitally. However, this transformation around the world has affected almost all industries. Out of all industries, the AEC sector was significantly impacted besides the sector requiring novel ways to create and enhance the construction process. The sector that requires the most digitization is undoubtedly the construction sector, which accounts for 13 % of the global GDP. And during the past ten years, it has been significantly transformed. Building information modeling services is one of those breakthroughs in the AEC sector that has altered the appearance of the entire industry. With a significant transformation in the sector, BIM services have altered the design, construction, and operation of infrastructure. By leveraging this excellent technology, the complex process of construction has been simplified with 100% accuracy.

Apart from that, BIM modeling services streamline the workflow in the process, improve communication, and have a better outcome. BIM services enable the AEC sector to plan, design, build, and maintain infrastructures effectively. Allowing contractors, engineers, and architects to collaborate on coordinated models offers them a better understanding of how their work fits into any project. As a matter of fact, this technology requires expertise, skills, the latest use of technology, and a well-developed infrastructure with a qualified team. To cater to your construction process integrated with building information modeling, it is best to outsource from a top BIM company. UniquesCADD offers an extensive range of BIM outsourcing services by a team of professionals and cutting-edge technology to fulfill all the requirements of the client.

UniquesCADD Extensive Range of BIM services

UniquesCadd was founded on the idea of providing personalized, end-to-end, yet cost-effective BIM solutions to the AEC industry. Our primary aim is to provide accurate construction models that are fulfilling clients’ expectations. The talent at UniquesCADD is creative and skilled and provides the utmost level of satisfaction to the project. We make concepts into reality and give accurate results for the construction process. With our hardworking and devoted team of engineers, architects, and designers provide holistic solutions to your requirements by utilizing cutting-edge technologies. Since the inception of the company, our unique and distinctive approach to each project provides the best results. With being one of the top outsourcing BIM companies in India, we offer a broad spectrum of BIM services.

We offer 3D, 4D, and 5D BIM modeling services, BIM drafting services, and BIM consulting services. We fully understand the BIM systems. With multiple projects completed in a short period of time, imposing quality with value-for-money services is at the heart of UniquesCadd. We are also familiar with international market trends, codes, and standards because we have served global clients.


Our Work Approach

Our BIM professionals are highly responsive and provide exact and timely information to improve the construction process’s effectiveness. Furthermore, a remote BIM engineer can support the construction crew in monitoring field activities like quality, safety, and commissioning checklists virtually, thus saving time and money.

Reduced RFIs

Our engineers operate digitally and collaboratively, significantly reducing RFIs and the time and cost associated with responding to them. This environment is remotely accessible since it is virtual, increasing communication and cooperation between engineers and designers, enhancing quality, and speeding up delivery.

Less Rework

Rework is one of the most common problems in construction, and it may have a devastating effect on a project’s budget. This is why it is vital to restrict or eliminate rework and where our engineers can help. Working in a centralized database may decrease rework in a variety of ways. It lowers the likelihood of mistakes and omissions throughout the design process. When mistakes do arise, keeping drawings and documents inside a shared data environment assists experts in identifying them.

Early Completion

As per the standard design-bid-build method, designs are usually created twice: Once for the bid, then later for construction. It could be more time-efficient but also steep. It could be more time-efficient and vertical. So, with our BIM platform, it can be streamlined. The GC can perform improved building performance assessments with better models and sub-models for each building phase by collaborating with designers. A 3D model can facilitate coordination across the process, providing context for 2D drawings and eventually providing speedy project completion.

Improve the efficiency of Your Entire Project with BIM Services

Building information modeling services can be the complete source of project knowledge, and the team can exchange knowledge within this platform; when the entire construction is speaking the same language and using a standardized data structure, then efficiency happens effortlessly. In real-time, we can extract, evaluate, and test design options in the entire project cycle. We make better decisions when design data is entirely transparent. Communication is the three most important aspects of any project. Building information modeling ought to be the mechanism that allows that communication to take place in its most basic form. BIM consolidates all project data into a single application that can be updated and maintained. It improves productivity and allows everyone involved in the project to see it. The as-built model provided by BIM services enables the team to make strategic decisions more quickly and keep the site updated. Additionally, it leads to less duplication and accurate drawings.

Every activity at any stage is trackable and shareable by our BIM engineers, and that data is used to measure actual work in progress for projected and targeted objectives. This information is then shared with virtual teams in real-time to update them on project status and workflow. It is beneficial for storing and integrating critical information, such as suppliers for specific materials, details of location, and quantities needed for estimating and tendering. It improves project model visualization, allows for more flexible communication options, and allows construction companies to engage with it.

Also, Our building information modeling engineers are pioneers in 3D CAD modeling and rendering for idea visualization and design collaboration, as well as 2D conceptual drawings, planning drawings, and technical drawings. 3D models, which make it easier to synchronize structures and techniques, provide a more predictable path to project completion. In addition, companies can reduce rework with our data-rich 3D MEP models and 2D draughts. Additionally, using information-rich 3D MEP models and MEP coordination drawings developed in Revit allows your construction crews to plan more effectively.


“Nothing goes exactly as planned” is a famous saying in the construction business, be it commercial or residential. Delays, fluctuating material costs, and unusual weather conditions affecting construction project budgets lead to uncertainty. Hence, a cost-effective centralized system is a must. And that is BIM services. Also, BIM is gaining traction in the AEC industry, and as new technologies emerge, it will become an even more common platform for experts to work on.

BIM modeling services with digital technologies can assist professionals in identifying and resolving difficulties before the design stage. The construction process is coordinated and helps to manage the project’s cost projections. It lowers rework time and contributes to the project’s profitability and productivity. We will continue to evolve and accept the rapid cultural changes. By incorporating BIM services into your future projects, you can take the first step in the AEC industry’s dramatic transformation. Now is the time to hire your Remote BIM Team. Let’s build together.

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