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3d digital twin model

Created 3d digital twin model for renovation of the existing house from Scan file

The project involves the creation of a digital twin for a residential building located in the suburbs of France. The client approached us with a specific request to develop a comprehensive digital model of the existing building. This endeavour required us to meticulously recreate the house, including its surrounding context and landscape, based on the provided scan file. Our team dedicated significant effort to ensure that the digital twin closely matched the scan file, down to the smallest details.

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    3d digital twin model
    3d digital twin model
    3d digital twin model
    3d digital twin model
    3d digital twin model
    3d digital twin model
    3d digital twin model

    Project Information:

    Location: France, Suburban Area

    Type: Residential Building

    Client’s Request: Develop a digital twin of the existing building

    Scope: Model the house, its landscape, various features (e.g., pool, furniture), and other components to match the provided scan file

    Project Objective:

    The primary objective of this project was to create a highly accurate digital twin of the residential building and its surroundings. The client intended to use this model for renovation purpose, necessitating an accurate representation of the existing structure and landscape. This digital twin would serve as a valuable reference for planning and executing renovation work efficiently.

    Client Synopsis:

    Our client, a homeowner in France, approached us with a specific requirement to create a digital twin of their residential property. They recognized the potential benefits of having a detailed and accurate model that would aid in planning and visualizing renovation projects. The client sought our expertise in digital modeling to achieve this goal.

    Challenges Faced:

    Several challenges were encountered during the project:

    • Data Integration: Incorporating the provided scan file into our modeling software and ensuring seamless integration was a complex task.
    • Detail Precision: Achieving an extremely high level of detail to match the scan file while maintaining computational efficiency was challenging.
    • Landscape Realism: Recreating the landscape elements, including vegetation and outdoor features, required careful attention to realism.
    • Data Quality: The quality of the scan file posed some limitations, necessitating extensive data cleaning and refinement.

    Project Value Addition:

    The project’s value addition lies in the creation of a highly accurate digital twin that will benefit the client in the following ways:

    • Renovation Planning: The client can use the model for precise planning and visualization of renovation projects, reducing potential errors and rework.
    • Cost Savings: By having a detailed digital twin, the client can make informed decisions, potentially saving on renovation costs.
    • Enhanced Communication: The model serves as a visual aid for effective communication between the client and contractors, architects, and other stakeholders involved in the renovation process.


    To conclude, our team successfully accomplished the creation of a comprehensive digital twin for the residential building located in the suburbs of France. This project was executed with a high level of precision, attention to detail, and dedication to meeting the client’s objectives. The digital twin will be an invaluable tool for the client’s future renovation endeavours, enabling efficient planning and cost-effective execution. We are proud to have contributed to the client’s vision and look forward to more projects that leverage cutting-edge digital modeling technology.