Laan van Snelrewaard 10, Oudewater, Netherland
2D to 3D floorplans

Created floor plans and 3D modelling of an existing building for visualization

Creating 2D floor plans from the hand-drawn site measurements help the homeowners to design with human use and adaptability which helps to see the structural layout and other location information.

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    Project Information:

    Location: laan van snelrewaard 10, oudewater, netherland

    Type: Hand-drawn design to 2D floorplan

    Project Objective:

    Create a 2D Floor plan and 3D views of the residential unit.

    Client Synopsis:

    Our customer provided hand-drawn designs to create a 2D floorplan and 3D views of the building.

    Challenges Faced:

    Measuring the dimensions from hand-made drawings was quite a task. Also, there was no correlation between internal and exterior dimensions, and that made it slightly tedious for our engineers.


    • Besides the flawless final 2D & 3D models. The job was completed on time too as per the client’s specifications.
    • We rendered 3D models and visualization that made design and communication approval easy.
    • Further, reduce on-site dangers to a minimum and accelerate the project work.