BIM model

Digital twin model from scam file for facility management

From the evaluation point cloud, it discrepancies the model geometry by producing a native BIM model which is majorly used for detailed documentation. After capturing the scan images, the digital BIM model is used for planning, monitoring or managing the built environment, and communicating and sharing project information.

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    Project Information:

    Location: Paris, France

    Type: Scan to BIM

    Project Objective:

    This project’s goal was to extract the client’s as-built BIM (Building Information Model) from the point cloud scan file.

    Client Synopsis:

    Our client wanted an as-built BIM model from a laser scan file of an existing structure.

    Challenges Faced:

    E57 files had to be converted to RCS by our BIM engineers. They also used recap pro to clean up the file. The poor scans made it difficult for them to identify the objects. Although our clients were supportive enough to send us the 360 Degree Images from which our team could identify the objects and hence decide the sebacic areas. Besides It was an easy task for our Team.


    It was a Tricky task keeping the Scan to As-built BIM model in mind. But just like any other project this time our team delivered the best Final Product to our Clients.