Architecture 3D Modeling for Existing Building in Netherlands

Architecture 3D Modelling for Existing Building in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Our team undertook a comprehensive Architecture 3D modelling project for a residential building located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The client's primary objective was to create an accurate 3D digital model of the existing building. This model would serve two crucial purposes: facilitate efficient facility management and support Building Information Modelling (BIM) submission for approval.

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    Architecture 3D Modelling
    Architecture 3D Modelling
    Architecture 3D Modelling
    Architecture 3D Modelling
    Architecture 3D Modelling

    Project Information:

    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Type: Residential Building

    Size: 290 units and storage spaces

    Project Objective:

    • Create a precise 3D digital twin of the existing residential building.
    • Enable effective facility management through the 3D model.
    • Prepare a BIM submission plan for approval.
    • Incorporate survey and measurement data to ensure the model’s accuracy.

    Client Synopsis:

    Our client, an owner of property management company, required a comprehensive 3D model of their residential building in Amsterdam. They aimed to streamline facility management operations, optimize maintenance procedures, and utilize the model for BIM submission to regulatory authorities.

    Challenges Faced:

    • Lack of Existing Data: The building had no comprehensive existing data or plans, making it necessary to start from scratch.
    • Detailed Accuracy: Achieving a high level of detail and accuracy in the 3D model was critical for its intended purposes.
    • Scale of the Project: With 290 residential units and storage spaces, this was a large-scale project that required meticulous attention to detail.
    • Incorporating Survey Data: Gathering survey and measurement data to ensure the model accurately represented the current building condition was a time-consuming process.

    Project Value Addition:

    • Efficient Facility Management: The 3D model allowed the client to manage the building’s facilities more effectively, leading to cost savings and improved resident satisfaction.
    • BIM Submission: The BIM submission plan prepared using the 3D model streamlined the approval process with regulatory authorities, reducing delays.
    • Digital Twin: The creation of an accurate digital twin enhanced the client’s ability to visualize and analyse the building’s infrastructure for maintenance and renovation planning.


    Our Architecture 3D modelling project for the residential building in Amsterdam, Netherlands, successfully addressed the client’s objectives and challenges. We delivered a precise digital twin of the building that not only facilitates efficient facility management but also supports BIM submissions for regulatory approval. This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering high-quality & accurate 3D models for complex and large-scale architectural structures.