Top Benefits of Outsourcing CAD to BIM Services

Top Benefits of Outsourcing CAD to BIM Services

The world has become competitive and being fast, fiercely and constantly updating with technology has become a need of the hour. However, when speaking of the architectural industry it has become prominent to update with the latest trends and technology in the industry. As we all know, the AEC industry is a complex one with tons of possibilities of having errors. Moreover, in the modern architectural world, the infrastructure requires more accuracy, efficiency and better designs. Luckily, in the 90s the AEC industry was introduced with CAD and Building Information Modeling technology which made the construction process much easier, faster and more accurate. However, both of the technologies have similar capabilities to create digital models of the infrastructure but cater and fulfill numerous other aspects of approach, functionality and uses in the entire construction process.

As CAD was introduced in the AEC industry, it became quite easier for architects to produce high quality drawings at a quicker pace. The technology was replaced with hand drawings as traditional drawings have higher possibilities of errors and rework. Whereas CAD provides high accuracy more automated processes and design, enhancing the quality of work. Speaking of Building Information Modeling technology, it has a more comprehensive approach than CAD, allowing architects and engineers to create visual 3D representation of buildings with detailed information, including components, materials, dimensions and other properties. Moreover, CAD to BIM conversion allows architects, engineers and contractors to communicate and collaborate within the same database for the desired project. Since the growing popularity, CAD to BIM conversion services is a powerful technology that caters to save money and speed up the project delivery with 70%. Not only this, it has brought evolution and changed the construction project execution.

CAD to BIM service requires technical knowledge, desired skill set, and expertise to deliver the project on time with accuracy. Moreover, having an in-house team of CAD to BIM experts can be costlier. Hence it is better to outsource CAD to BIM services, not only this but outsourcing can provide other numerous benefits. Following are the benefits discussed in brief.

Outsourcing CAD to BIM Services Advantages

Top CAD to BIM services providers offer higher accuracy, enhanced project quality and easier workflow. UniquesCADD is top outsourcing CAD to BIM services provider, ensuring the unparalleled performance, high quality and perfection in each detail with satisfied global clientele based in Paris, Netherlands, Germany and the USA. Our skilled team of professionals the quality and timely delivery of each project. As a BIM services provider, we offer a wide spectrum of CAD to BIM services under a single roof. Following are services that can entail different design and construction stages for better results.

Different Design and Construction Stages.

PDF to BIM Conversion Services

Conversion of PDF drawings into BIM models for enhanced, accurate, and precise visualization.

Hand Sketch to BIM Modeling

Converting hand drawings into detailed and accurate 3D BIM models in Revit.

2D CAD to Revit

Converting 2D CAD into Revit software with accuracy and streamlining the work for 2D BIM model projects.

3D CAD to Revit

Conversion 3D CAD into Revit software, enhancing the coordination and providing detail information of the 3D BIM model.

Our wide spectrum of CAD to BIM services are done by professionals within the given timeline. Outsourcing CAD to BIM services offers numerous benefits which can upscale the quality of the project. Besides, making the process easier and precise for better outcomes. Following are the detailed benefits:

Details Benefits of Outsourcing CAD to BIM Services

Reduced Cost and Time

Outsourcing CAD to BIM services allows the AEC firm to minimize the cost and focus on other core tasks of the organization. CAD to BIM services optimize the design, making it easier and accurate.

Boost Productivity

Top outsourcing CAD to BIM Companies will enhance the productivity of the entire construction process. The services provider follows the process that creates 3D BIM models, performs quality check and delivery time. By hiring an outsourcing CAD to BIM specialized, the AEC firm can enhance productivity while focusing on the core competencies of the firm.

Better Outcome

CAD to BIM services requires specialized skills and knowledge to deliver the accurate results with precision. Moreover, CAD to BIM can provide accurate models as per the requirement, ensuring the quality, and detailing of the model.

Improvise Communication

With CAD to BIM outsourcing services, it improvises the communication between all the people involved in the construction process. Moreover, it streamlines the workflow in the process, making the construction process easier and faster.

Ease the Project Visualization

CAD to BIM conversion allows architects, engineers and contractors to have a perfect digital representation of the building to work accordingly on the project by collecting the desired information from the same database.

Reduce Errors

While working and collecting data from the database, it reduces the chances of errors in construction of the building. Outsourcing CAD to BIM services provider experts ensures the quality of models generated in the Revit software by performing a quality check.

If looked at separately, both CAD and Building Information Modeling are widely popular and adopted choices for any AEC firm. Whereas, reflecting the popularity, Archicad to Revit services have become a common go to solution to work single-handedly onto the same project for architects, engineers and contractors. CAD to BIM model contains various amounts of data which are updated in real time; moreover, it calculates every single modification that can be helpful in the project. Archicad to Revit provides parameters like; dimension, materials, color, textures and much more.

To Sum Up

CAD to BIM conversion services facilitate the smooth functioning of the entire construction process. Besides, in the modern architecture world, it has now been widely adopted for better accuracy, high quality and reduces the overall errors of the project. In Addition, outsourcing CAD to BIM services can save you overall cost, time and increase profitability with high-quality of services.

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