Reshaping the AEC Industry with Point Cloud to BIM

Reshaping the AEC Industry with Point Cloud to BIM

The AEC industry has evolved over the years with advancements in technology and the introduction of new software and tools. All have contributed to making the construction process more manageable. Back in the day, the architecture industry was quite complex; it still is, but with the ease of tools and technology, the industry has boomed. The introduction of BIM services in the AEC industry has taken the world of construction to the next level. More accuracy, reliability, and almost zero room for errors. Architectural BIM services have brought many significant changes that have made it easier for architects and other collaborators to work in a smooth and efficient manner.

BIM modeling services are usually defined as creating a 3D model of a construction process that eases the collaboration with architects, civil engineers, and other collaborators in the process. In simple words, it is services that digitally represent the building for a clear idea. As a matter of fact, BIM can be used throughout the construction cycle, providing helpful insights and clearing the road of errors while actually constructing the building. With booming BIM services in the industry, point cloud to BIM has taken charge of making the process a little less complex in a short time.

Point cloud to BIM has become a vital service for construction companies around the world. Architects have adapted modern technology, making the complex process more effortless. Moreover, it has revolutionized the industry with improvised accuracy and enhanced construction process efficiency. It is not limited to this but is also a cost-effective option. To understand it better, let’s dive into what is point cloud-to-bim modeling and how it impacts the industry as a whole.

Understanding Point Cloud to BIM

Point cloud to BIM is defined as the process of scanning the entire space through a laser and loading the scanned image into BIM software. Point cloud to BIM services is a 3D scanned image that is then used as a digital representation in BIM modeling to incorporate the renovated design. Usually, point cloud to 3D modeling is used for renovating existing space. The laser-scanned image is a digital representation that takes the measurements, the geometry of the space, and other relevant information that is required for renovating the space. The point cloud is a replacement for manual surveys taken in earlier times, reducing the great extent of errors from technicians. The entire process is known as a point cloud to BIM modeling.

This advancement in technology has reshaped the entire AEC industry. With the help of point cloud to BIM technology, the survey was conducted 5 times more accurately than the traditional methods. However, the process is more challenging than it sounds; a slight mistake while scanning can create a tremendous loss in the final phase of the construction. Hence, contributing to the process with attention to detail is important. Following is the process of Scan to BIM

The Process of Scan to BIM.
  • Scan: The laser scanner must be set up in the center of the space to take the survey of the area in 360 views accurately.
  • Process: Once the 360 laser scanning is done, the data extracted is processed in BIM software, mainly on AutoCAD.
  • Extract: After getting the data processed in the software, streamlining the extracted data is vital to align the scanned measurement.
  • Model & Visualise: The modeling and visualizing steps are crucial. It involves the extracted data to utilize in the design. The extracted geometry makes Modeling and visualizing easy to create perfect panoramic visuals.

The point cloud of BIM service’s purpose is to serve the digital representation of the renovation. These services are widely popular in the real estate industry to showcase the look and feel of the entire building.

Benefits of Point Cloud to BIM

Architectural BIM services have made the AEC industry a booming one. Not only this, but it has also many other major benefits that have impacted the industry. These services have brought an easier way to take the survey. It creates a significant impact on the building restoration process. However, point cloud to BIM services has a lot of advantages in today’s era of the construction industry. Following are some of the perks of point cloud to 3D modeling for building seamless and high-performance results.

Accuracy and Efficiency

The entire process results in higher accuracy and efficiency than the traditional measurements and survey methods. Scan to BIM process captures the smallest detail, reducing the chances of errors.

Improvised Collaboration

The whole construction process involves numerous members in different phases. Each phase is linked to another one, and the slightest miscommunication can impact the entire process. However, scanning to BIM ensures collaboration and minimizes the risk of misunderstanding and errors.

Cost Effective & Time Saving

A 3D laser scan to BIM is a cost-effective solution and comparatively saves time. The manual process requires field experts, and there is much more of a chance of errors. However, scanning to BIM saves the cost of field experts, reduces the probability of error, and leads to a faster and more efficient construction process.

Improvised Safety

Point Cloud to BIM ensures a smooth workflow between the collaborators at each stage, which reduces the chance of error, risk of injuries, or accidents on the construction site. This service allows for better planning and execution as the building is represented digitally, where the scope of mistakes can be easily identified before actually constructing the building.

Monitoring Project

Scan to BIM services can also be used to monitor each phase of construction in order to compare and analyze BIM services to keep the project record. The data can then be wisely utilized according to the phase of construction, which at last ensures the identification of delays, mistakes, or clashes.

These are the significant benefits enlisted above of point cloud to BIM services. However, only 45% of the companies are using these services. Yet, the growing popularity of scan to BIM has benefited a lot of construction projects as it streamlines and converts the complex process into an easier one for all the collaborators. Moreover, it also provides the precise dimensions that are required to renovate the space.

In the End

Not to ignore the fact that point cloud to BIM services has brought a great impact on the AEC industry. Not only this, but it also brought the development of new software and tools to make it easier and better. Therefore, scanning to BIM has led to streamlining the collaboration, reducing the chances of errors, and increasing accuracy, which is highly important during construction. Hence, utilizing this service can lead you to the completion of a project without any complexity. BIM services in India are a beneficial option if you outsource.

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